Started in 1998, Saglay is a private art collection taking you on a journey through Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Our aim is to relive history through our sculptures, masks, seats of leadership, staffs of office, ceremonial vessels and personal ornaments.

Our African collection covers a large geographical area, going from Mauritania to Kenya passing through RD Congo and going down to Namibia. While wood is the primary medium, works made of stone, terracotta, gold, silver and ivory are also on display. African art is utilitarian and an integral part of daily life. The most common objects have meaning and purpose which turns them into art. Some were originally created to reinforce the rank and prestige of regional leaders, others to indicate the collective status of initiates invested with specific social responsibilities, still others to pay homage to ancestral forces.

In Oceania and Southeast Asia, the diversity evident in ethnic groups is reflected in the diversity of its art forms. Just as every ethnic group throughout the archipelago has its own language/dialect, cuisine, traditional dress and homes, they’ve also developed their own textiles, ornaments, carvings and items for daily use and special celebrations. The works range from elegant, relatively naturalistic figures to angular, minimalist sculptures and decorative arts. Our main sources are Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Melanesia and New Papua Guinea.


Dafigo has been providing support for the design and running of Saglay’s website and assisting Saglay with consulting services for its exhibitions.